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Papers for Characters

Spanish design studio Atipo has created a collection of minimalistic movie posters that are made from paper. 



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Incredible photos from the operating room taken by Max Aguilera-Hellweg in his book The Sacred Heart, An Atlas Of The Body Seen Through Invasive Surgery, 1997, Bulfinch Press, Little Brown & Company, New York


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Cristina Cordova’s Extraordinary Sculptures

Cristina Córdova, who sculpts the human figure in clay with great skill and sensitivity, knows the allure, and challenge, of working in a format that has captivated artists since time immemorial.

“Because it is such a monolithic tradition that you drag in, it’s hard – especially in the contemporary setting of art – to use the figure in a way that does not drag you back, that is perceived as fresh and valid,” Córdova, 35, observes. Then again, there is no limit to what she describes as “the potential of the eloquence of the body to manifest a state of mind.”


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The Creation Project by Cristina Alonso (

I. The Idea, II. The Drawing, III. The Ink, IV. The Color.


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