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Antique landscape dinner plates

Helsinki-based artist Caroline Slotte manipulates artwork found on acquired antique ceramics to create layered landscapes and isolated images.


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Deconstructed Piano


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Explosive Paintings Reach Beyond the Traditional Frame

In these artworks by artist Valerie Hegarty, it looks like the walls have exploded with an array of fruits, foliage, and decay. At first glance, one might think they are viewing art that has been destroyed. However, Hegarty is well-known for her explosive work that reaches out, beyond a flat area and into three-dimensional space.


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Creepy Type 2

The toothy type has been created by Japanese designer Takayuki Ogawa who was inspired by the the mouth’s ability to express such a wide range of emotions by itself. This is clearly demonstrated in the many emoticons that use the mouth to describe the key emotion—  :) :D :p. :/ —etc.

Brilliantly executed, they have been made from stone powder clay, acrylic paint, varnish, wood and iron, though, you might think twice before using them on that wedding invite…


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"Kiss of a Rosse"

A new Patina by Alexander Nurulaeff - Dandy Shoe Care for of the must elegant men in Singapore: Mr.D.C.



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les fleurs


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The Planets


Michael Robbins Furniture


Moments In Asia - iPhone 5s 120fps


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